Friday, April 18, 2014

gilbert temple open house

A small while ago...back in the day it was nice enough for a warm sweater... Jay and I took the boys to the Gilbert temple open house. For some who may not know, an open house is a time reserved for anybody (LDS or not) to tour the Mormon temple before it is dedicated. Once it is dedicated to the Lord it is only available for members 12 and older who are in good standing to attend and worship. Our boys are obviously not old enough to worship inside of the temple, so this was a wonderful opportunity for them to see inside and learn more about why Temples are so special. It was an  impressionable experience for both of them. Even now whenever they see a picture of ANY fancy building (including the Eiffel tower) they reply, "That's the Gerbert temple!!!" 

Through temple ordinances families are sealed together throughout eternity. Having children, I can't imagine being connected to them in any other way. It is a place where we go and learn more about God's amazing plan for His children. Each time I attend, I walk away with an added measure of wisdom wisdom. What I love most about the temple is that is it a refuge from the world. It doesn't matter who I am or what I have been through when I walk through those doors. When I attend I am simply God's child whom He loves, who has infinite potential, as is every other patron there. It's all so humbling and ennobling. 

For any who would like to know more about Mormon temples you can learn more HERE.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the trouble with boys

So I am sitting, working at my computer when Dallas walks in and says in the sweetest two-year-old voice you have ever heard, "I need your eyes closed." What?! Ok! So I closed my eyes curious about this request. Then I remember I have this little container of chocolate truffles at the very top corner of my desk. I had given them each a single piece earlier with strict instructions that they only get one and no more until after dinner. So back to closing my eyes.... I felt Dallas walking behind me towards that package of deliciousness, but then he paused, walked backwards, and left the room. I could have sworn I felt those wheels turning in his head, but maybe I was wrong? Just then I hear him call to his brother , "I just couldn't get the candy Will!" Maybe for once his fear of getting caught finally got to him! That poor kid. Once again his big brother puts him up to no good. Will is always looking for ways to let Dallas take the fall for his dirty deeds. This time Dallas didn't give into sibling pressure. That's so unlike him.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

field trip

One year in preschool, and my little William finally got to experience his first field trip. Dallas and I both took the opportunity to tag along. Will has been over-the-moon excited about this, and I'll admit I share deeply in the excitement over these rights-of-passage types of things. I'm not the biggest fan of farms, or hayrides, or stinky animals, or anything of the likes, but being a mother of two completely all-american boys I've learned to find joy in these little types of adventures they enjoy so much (no matter how badly my allergies have tortured me since) The highlight for me was that big, beautiful garden the boys picked lettuce from. It was the garden of my wildest dreams, and someday I'll get over this black-thumb syndrome and make one of my own. I'm already planning another trip back to that garden! When I asked William what his favorite part was he told me he really enjoyed sliding down the slide into the goat pin. I've never really truly understood the excitement of petting farm animals, but Will was in heaven. I'm pretty sure he petted every single goat just like he always does. Poor Dallas wanted to go down that slide so badly. I could just see the longing in his eyes, but he could not brave past all those little creatures that awaited at the bottom. It was an inner struggle of sorts. He has a major love of slides, but an even bigger fear of animals. I've even heard him shout in horror over the animals behind cages at the zoo... and puppy dogs! My kid is terribly afraid of even the most teeny, tiny puppy dogs! I suppose he'll earn his man-card someday, but for now I'm not sad that it's given me another reason why we can't have a pet. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I can't believe it is happening, but come October we will be a family of 5!!!! Jay makes fun of me because I feel like we are entering the "big" family zone. Of coarse he grew up in a family of seven, so it's no wonder he chuckles at me. To be honest, I am not a lover of being pregnant. I am constantly hugging the toilet, and I would so much rather be in pain than be nauseous!!! At the beginning of all this I couldn't keep any water down, and that was really making me nervous. With my other two pregnancies I was sick the whole nine months, and this one started out much worse than the other two. I really hate to publicly discuss my feelings and complications I have had with pregnancy, mostly because I am sure I could scare the living daylights out of anybody hoping to have children in the future. Also, because I do recognize it is a tremendous blessing. No sympathy card needed here. But I guess my point is…. it's hard not to feel guilty for struggling with something that is supposed to be so natural and so joyous. But I do. About two weeks ago I was at my wits end, honestly feeling like the next 8 months were more than likely going to put me in a crazy house, and there was no way on earth this baby should be sent to a mother struggling the way I was. It hit me at a lot of personal levels. But thankfully, through a series of miraculous events I haven't thrown up in two weeks! I still deal with nausea and all those pregnant emotions piled on top of normal life difficulties, but seriously, this little victory is SUCH a tender mercy!! I suppose I can take each and every other little struggle as it comes, but hey, I can keep my dinner down!

Yesterday we went in for an ultrasound. It was no less exciting than any of my others. Our little baby was the biggest little wiggle worm I had ever seen! Even the nurse was chuckling at our little spaz. The best thing I remember seeing was its little heartbeat. (I HATE having to call this little baby an "it" right now) A lot of comfort comes knowing that everything is going as well as can be expected. Everything is starting to feel real, and Jay and I are both getting so much more excited. I am honestly surprised I am not more nervous than I am. But when you know something it right, there's just a certain calmness and peace that takes over your heart. It happened with Jay, it happened with Will, it happened with Dallas, and it is happening. again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This Feels Good

So happy to hit the refresh button on my blog today. At the beginning of this year, I promised myself I would take a bunch more non-social-media pictures. My cameras have been filling up with all sorts of goodness that nobody will ever see. And that's the way pictures are supposed to be! But really, I have noticed my writing is getting very rusty, and I keep creating images that I feel just need a post ya know!? So here I am, re-promising myself to take more "sharable" photos. It's all in finding a balance. And with this sleek new design, how can I but help it!?

There are so many BIG things in the works for 2014!!!! I am so nervous/excited I can hardly wait. Each will unravel with time;) This is just a quick little hello, but I have developed some crazy crushes on a few notable bloggers I feel a really GREAT need to share. So everybody please feel free to go stalk each of these online spaces, because each and EVERY SINGLE ONE is sooooo completely deserving of it.

(click on title to be redirected)

Eating Whole - Healthy, husband approved recipes that are sure to knock your socks off. And Lauren's instagram is a MUST! You will not believe this girl just started this little community just a few short months ago!

Things We Fancy - A babe, a doll, and a girl you only wish you could be best friends with. And you probably could, because she is just that sincere.

The 444 Project - Your daily dose of Humor from Josie Thompson, a girl who battles bi-polar disorder one country at a time. She's a sort of hero.

Lauren Kelp - This lady could make a thorn look lovely. And her "Tablemakers" column is the very best eye-candy you could possibly ask for. I want to be her.

What new reads are you loving lately?!